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I installed the extension but I don't see it in Chrome browser?

Click on the puzzle icon in your Chrome toolbar. In the list of installed Chrome extensions locate the PriceStarz extension. Next, click on the pin icon. PriceStarz icon will then shown in your browser toolbar.

What do the numbers on the extension icon mean?

When the page loads the extension searches for product information, and if found matches it against our products database. The counters are updated to show the number of product offers that we found and the number of deals and coupons we matched with the product.
E.g. if the counters are in color like it means that we found 42 offers for the product, and you can check for deals & coupons in the panel.
E.g. if the counters are in color like it means that we found 97 deals & coupons on site.

I only see the spinning wheel

That means that the extension is still loading. If this lasts for more than few seconds, please refresh your page. If the problem persists please contact our support team and they will be more than happy to assist you.

Extension is not showing results

It may be due to a page not showing enough product information. It may also mean we were not able to match it against any product offer. We are working very hard on aggregating more product offers and deals.